david roberts

I create home identity and memorable landmarks for commercial properties. As a General Contractor I have intimate knowledge of architectural space and how to enhance it. I possess the technical skills to implement well crafted design.

Inspiration for my mosaics derives from the natural environment. Work and study in the natural world carried me from the Reefs of Jamaica to the Taiga of Siberia. Each region is unique. Each mosaic I create is unique to the region in which the client resides.

Our ideal customer cares about their personal environment. They understand quality. They understand the effort that goes into creating by hand. They look to be intimately involved in the transformation of their personal space. We provide direct personal contact with the client to create this space.

My Background

Environmental Conservation

My love of exploring the natural world and art led me to receive a BA in Marine Biology with a minor in Art from Western Washington University. I interned in Bermuda and helped establish Pre-Baikalski National Park in Irkutsk, Siberia. I now spearhead projects to re-forest the Fresno Unified School District with endemic Valley Oaks.


With a Teaching Credential from Mills College, I taught science to sixth through tenth graders in public schools in Oakland, California, and helped open a private school in Reno, Nevada. In all my classes, I melded science with art and emphasized hands-on experiential learning.

General Contracting

I apprenticed in construction on re-models in the hills of Berkeley as a teenager, and further honed my skills in the hills of Los Altos post teaching. I was taught with top grade materials, and learned true craftsmanship took time. As a contractor, I have transformed multiple homes and gardens. I respect the craftsmanship and materials of the past. I enjoy bringing elegance to space. I received a congressional award for a historic house restoration in the Tower District of Fresno, California. I am a craftsman. I build once. I build to last generations. Clay bas relief is a natural evolution of this ethos.

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